The success story of HUK Autoservice & foobar Agency
Digital Revolution in Automotive Service

Discover how HUK Autoservice overcame the challenges of digitalization and created a leading mobility ecosystem with the support of foobar Agency. This partnership demonstrates how innovative solutions, agile development and close collaboration transforms the customer experience and achieves measurable success.

Frontend Engineering

Some facts

5 months

from start to MVP


garages in this huge network

5 minutes

to the nearest garage - maximum distance to the customer

Innovation through partnership
HUK Autoservice & foobar Agency

The collaboration between HUK Autoservice and foobar Agency aims to revolutionize the automotive business by developing a digital mobility ecosystem. As a subsidiary of HUK-Coburg, HUK Autoservice aims to provide value to its customers beyond their car insurance by creating a platform for workshop services with instant booking capabilities. This innovative partnership marked the beginning of a new era in the automotive industry by utilizing modern technology to improve service and efficiency.

"The commitment of foobar Agency was invaluable. Their efforts not only advanced the project goals, but also fostered a team cohesion that went far beyond the usual level. The ability to integrate seamlessly into our team has been instrumental to our success."

— Moritz Tillmann, Director Product HUK-COBURG Autowelt

Overcoming start-up hurdles

Challenges of HUK Autoservice

Without an existing development team and under pressure to act quickly, HUK Autoservice faced significant challenges. The aim was to operate in a start-up-like environment, which required flexibility and a pragmatic approach. The agile development methodology without fixed specifications meant that the project had to adapt dynamically as it progressed. These requirements presented a unique challenge, as the platform had to be continuously adapted to the customer's needs and the workshop network had to be expanded at the same time.

Agile development and co-creation
Path to Digital Transformation

Working closely with the first developers at HUK Autoservice, foobar Agency not only used a co-creation approach to develop a user-friendly digital platform but also supported the building of the internal team through capability building. This initiative helped in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the HUK Autoservice team, ensuring they could maintain and evolve the platform independently. The use of Next.js for the Digital Commerce Storefront enabled flexible and fast development. The agile way of working allowed the team to react quickly to feedback and adapt the platform accordingly. Not only does this approach allow a solid product to be developed in a short amount of time, but it also creates a close bond between the teams, which is essential for finding creative solutions and implementing changes quickly.

Measurable success

From Vision to Reality

The partnership led to impressive results: The successful expansion of the client's team, the completion of the MVP on time and the subsequent scaling of the platform. Through continuous A/B testing and customization, the service steadily improved, leading to a significant increase in new customer numbers. These successes not only demonstrate the effectiveness of the implemented solutions, but also confirm the strength of the collaboration between HUK Autoservice and foobar Agency.

"With foobar Agency at our side, we not only achieved our goals within the planned budget and time frame, but were also able to reach the targeted number of customers according to plan. Their contribution was crucial to our success and showed that ambitious goals can be achieved with the right partner."

— Rebecca Everts, Managing Director HUK-COBURG Autowelt

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