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Scalable E-Commerce Frontends
Storefront: The Most Important Part of All?

Online stores must be designed with the customer in mind. They must function well and fast. The processes around inspiration, searching, finding and buying as well as aftersales must be accommodating for the customer. This is what characterizes good online stores! That's what we believe in.

If this makes the difference and the processes in the background have become more of a commodity, is the storefront of an online store the most important thing? An interesting question.

That's why we focus on great storefronts with our clients! Starting with the strategy and analysis of the status quo, goals and the gap in between. From concept development and implementation through to operation.

We are generalists with additional areas of specialization. Read on to find out more about PIM, search, eCommerce backends and Next.js technology and how it can help your online store.

Data is still the new gold!

The PIM: An Important Foundation!

The PIM system, or Product Information Management System, is an important building block for supplying product data to all other components of an online store. The search only finds data that is available. An example for a PIM system is Pimcore.

  • We advise you on how a PIM can help your online store achieve more sales and satisfied customers and how this can be integrated into your overall architecture.
  • Together with our clients, we record the requirements and model the future data structure. Although we love agility, this is an important step that cannot be skipped. Nevertheless, we also incorporate changed requirements or new findings at a later stage.
  • We configure and integrate the PIM systems for you. Omnichannel or multichannel, standard or planned articles, none of this is a problem.
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Don't search, find
The Search: Centerpiece on the Path to Purchase

Did you know? On the way to buying a product, the conventional search plays an enormously important role. Various statistics show that 69% of visitors use on-site search. Furthermore, visitors who use search have an almost 200% higher conversion rate!

What about your search? How easy is the search interface to find? How fast is the search? How relevant is your search?

But which search engine is the best for your store and your budget? We'll find out and implement your new search engine, such as Algolia. We also work with you to ensure that the data is well prepared and optimally displayed for your visitors in the storefront.

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Your Partners in Scalable E-Commerce Success

Decades of Combined Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our seasoned team brings together decades of combined expertise in the realm of Scalable eCommerce and Artificial Intelligence. We've crafted expansive online ecosystems for renowned clients, setting new industry standards in the process.

We support you on the business side to meet all requirements and on the implementation side to turn the requirements into solutions. Our solution partners are on hand with help and advice and bring even more experience to the table.

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A Tailored Approach to Grand Visions
Selected partners

We recognize that your vision is unique and requires a distinct approach. This understanding drives our:

  • Strategic Technology and Partner Selection: We don’t just select tools; we integrate comprehensive SaaS ecosystems designed for robustness and agility to adapt as your business evolves.
  • Integrative Excellence with MACH: Embracing Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless technologies, we create a digital foundation that's not just built for today but engineered for tomorrow’s growth and innovation. What we select together suits you and your business plan.
  • Customized Consulting: Our deep dive into your business model yields bespoke strategies that align with your long-term objectives.
Our Partners
Redefining the Scalable E-Commerce Frontend Experience

Scaling Beyond Expectations

The leap from standard e-commerce to a scalable digital storefront is about more than scaling up. It's a transformation that involves:

  • Complex System Integration: We navigate the complexities to ensure that your various systems and processes function as a cohesive, streamlined unit.
  • Handling High Traffic Volumes: Our solutions are designed to manage the increased load with ease, ensuring stability and speed even during peak times.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: We implement state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data and that of your customers.
Max Ackermann, former Associate Partner & Co-Leader Consumer Business Building EMEA at McKinsey
"As Engagement Director, I have partnered with foobar for 12+ months in several client contexts. foobar's key strength is its engineering culture, which (and this is crucial) extends all the way into senior leadership. This means that all processes, from evaluation, to onboarding, to shaping, to operating, are magnitudes more efficient and hands on, leading to huge time savings, lower risk, and ultimately superior outcomes."

— Max Ackermann, former Associate Partner & Co-Leader Consumer Business Building EMEA at McKinsey

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