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Discover how foobar Agency has achieved extraordinary success through innovative digital strategies for porta Möbel. Our expertise transforms ambitious visions into measurable results and sets new standards in digital transformation and replatforming.

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Digital Strategy
Digital Future for Furniture Retailers?

How can furniture retailers successfully prepare for the digital future? This question was at the heart of porta Möbel's thoughts in 2019. The answer was found in a transformative corporate strategy based on a digitally enhanced business model. A strategy that not only addresses current challenges, but also prepares for future opportunities in digital retail. The focus was on implementing modern and scalable e-commerce solutions. The well-established company found a trustworthy partner in foobar Agency to realize this vision together.

The strategic vision provided the central guidelines. The challenge was to develop an implementation strategy that both took into account the company's needs and quickly created added value for the end customer. A technical analysis phase of the complex system landscape, which had grown over the years, revealed which systems needed to be modernized and with what priority.

A vision for digital growth

Once the strategic foundations had been established, the focus shifted to the replatforming process. The renewal of the technical infrastructure based on MACH principles, starting with the e-commerce storefront, was recognized as an essential step in strengthening porta Möbel's digital presence. Technologies such as Algolia, Dynamic Yield and CrossEngage played a key role in creating a personalized and efficient shopping experience.

Using a reverse proxy system, the iterative results were made available to porta Möbel's customers within a short period of time, without the project having to be fully completed. A brilliant example of an agile approach.

The completion of this milestone showed porta Möbel that it was on the right track. The measured KPIs served as the basis for this success: the conversion rate improved steadily.

Success: Measurable Excellence

The project exceeded all expectations by not only revolutionizing the online presence of the porta Möbel brand, but also leading to exceptional sales growth. Already after the implementation of the new e-commerce storefront, we saw a 660% increase in sales, while the conversion rate improved by 297%. This is a clear testament to our ability to deliver innovative solutions with measurable results.

Replatforming: the technological transformation

With the internal team that had been built up in the meantime with our support, porta Möbel decided to actively include foobar Agency as a trusted partner in the next phase: full replatforming. Following a joint selection process, commercetools was chosen for replatforming.

To bundle activities and reduce costs, the replatforming project was combined with the creation of a multi-brand storefront. As a result, the company's own Möbel Boss brand will also be able to migrate to a tenant-based system in the future. The project is in the final stages of implementation.

Conclusion and outlook

The partnership between porta Möbel and foobar Agency shows that a future-oriented digital strategy, combined with technological expertise, lays the foundation for sustainable success in e-commerce. The successful transformation of porta Möbel confirms our outstanding expertise in turning digital strategies into measurable success.


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