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In a nutshell
What is Vercel?

Vercel is a cutting-edge Frontend Cloud platform that revolutionizes the way businesses deploy and manage their web applications. Primarily focused on frontend frameworks such as React, Vue.js, and Next.js, Vercel offers seamless integration, enabling developers to build and deploy with incredible speed and efficiency. This platform stands out for its ability to significantly enhance a business's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by offering lightning-fast loading times, optimized performance, and a scalable infrastructure that adjusts to varying traffic demands.

The impact of Vercel on business KPIs cannot be overstated. By drastically reducing the time-to-market for web applications, Vercel empowers businesses to respond swiftly to market changes and user needs. Its serverless functions and edge network optimization ensure high availability and minimal latency, directly contributing to improved user experience, higher customer satisfaction, and increased engagement. These factors are crucial for businesses aiming to boost their online presence, enhance customer retention, and drive revenue growth. In essence, Vercel not only simplifies the development process but also aligns directly with the business objectives of growth, efficiency, and superior user experience.

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Some facts

264% ROI

According to Forrester Research, the implementation of Vercel leads to a 264% increase in ROI

4x faster

Development time with



Reduction in developer time spent
managing frontend infrastructure

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The why

Why Choose Vercel as Your Frontend Cloud Solution?

Vercel's Frontend Cloud excels in enhancing developer efficiency, crucial for modern business success. It cuts build and deployment times by 80%, leading to faster releases and improved code quality, boosting developer satisfaction. More importantly, Vercel transforms user experiences, evidenced by increased conversion rates and website traffic, directly boosting business revenue. Vercel not only simplifies development but also significantly enhances website performance, with up to a 90% improvement. This leads to a dynamic, robust, and tailored user experience. Ideal for businesses aiming to bolster their online presence and drive growth, Vercel is a game-changer in web development and user engagement.

As a certified Vercel partner, foobar Agency offers groundbreaking hosting and deployment solutions designed to revolutionize your company's online experience. Our experts specialize in seamlessly integrating Vercel into your online presence to ensure lightning-fast load times, optimized performance and an outstanding user experience. With Vercel, we rely on cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to not only host your web application, but also transform it into a dynamic, powerful and user-centric platform.

Composable Commerce
AI Apps
Web Apps

Vercel supports Composable Commerce applications by offering a frontend cloud platform that integrates with various commerce backends and open-source frontend frameworks. This integration provides total control over the frontend, enabling businesses to create customized, high-performance e-commerce sites and, specifically, storefronts. Vercel enhances user experience and site performance, leading to increased conversions and traffic. Its focus on seamless iteration, global performance, and network security ensures efficient, scalable, and resilient infrastructure for e-commerce applications.

Vercel aids AI apps by offering a fast, efficient platform for building, deploying, and scaling AI-powered web applications. With its focus on performance and developer experience, Vercel simplifies the process of creating AI-driven interfaces and experiences, making it easier to integrate AI technologies into web applications. This enhances user interaction and engagement, providing a seamless and dynamic user experience. It's a perfect combination with our AI Services.

Vercel enhances web apps by providing a platform that supports fast development, deployment, and scaling. It emphasizes performance and user experience, enabling developers to build more interactive and engaging web applications. Vercel's infrastructure ensures these applications are reliable and performant, significantly benefiting businesses looking to grow their online presence.

Vercel agency & Consultancy
foobar Agency & Vercel, a perfect combination for your business

Our expertise in Vercel implementation shines through in our projects for prestigious clients, providing deep insights into effectively utilizing Vercel in various business contexts.


From consulting and design to creating new websites or migrating old systems, we guide you in leveraging Vercel effectively. We advise on the best architecture for your project and ensure adherence to best practices.


Working with your team or providing our own, we implement solutions on Vercel. Whether it's Next.js or another framework, for web, AI, or mobile apps, we lead your project to success.

Support and Maintenance

Once on Vercel, we help extract its full potential. We assist in developing your website or app further, optimizing delivery, and enhancing user experience.

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