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In a nutshell
What is Next.js?

The speed of websites is becoming increasingly important. Not only for SEO, but also for the user: purchases on e-commerce sites must be completed without long loading times, otherwise users will churn.

Next.js, an efficient React framework, is radically revolutionizing web development and perfect for developing fast and responsive E-Commerce frontends aka Storefronts. Its rich features and rapid development time make it a top choice for modern online stores. Under the hood it uses JavaScript and TypeScript.

foobar Agency as Next.js Agency in Munich and Dubai significantly utilizes on the Next.js framework. This choice of technology has had a positive impact on our clients' conversion rates.

Some facts


30,000 is the number of working hours the foobar Agency team spent developing Next.js-based websites and portals in 2023.


Next.js is the number 1 among the React frameworks. Some of the biggest websites rely on Next.js. And many of our clients.


Next.js has been an undisputedly important framework for years. Those who opt for it can also rely on a large talent pool in the future.

Next.js Meetup Munich

With pride and passion, we support and host the Next.js Meetup Munich — a hub for innovation and community. Discover everything you need to know about this inspiring gathering and join our mission to shape the future of technology together!

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The why

Why do we use Next.js at foobar Agency?

Our developers have decades of experience with a wide range of technologies. From the early days of the web, when everything was done entirely by hand, to the emergence of the first MVC frameworks, to the present day, we've seen it all.

Next.js offers an incredible developer experience that allows us to solve real problems instead of reinventing the wheel. This allows us to create maintainable and scalable code in a short time.

As a result, our clients are happy because not only are their websites and storefronts super fast, but the development speed is extremely fast. More revenue, less costs.

Use cases

Next.js is suitable for any website that taps data from various sources such as CMS, search or other systems and makes it available to a customer. A few examples?

Headless Commerce Storefront
Customer Portal
Digital Commerce

Headless commerce is on everyone's lips. And rightly so! Next.js fits in perfectly here. As a storefront in a headless commerce approach, the connection to a content management system such as Contentful can be seamless. If Next.js is used as a backend for frontend architecture pattern, product data from the PIM and search results, e.g. from Algolia or FactFinder, can also be integrated without any loss of speed. Technical features such as server-side rendering, static generation and automatic code splitting lead to faster load times and improved SEO.

For the customer portals of insurance companies, energy providers or providers of other service providers, Next.js is a very good choice! The delivery speed of Next.js satisfies customers and increases the NPS for the company. With the high development speed, more features with real value for customers can be implemented.

Apart from online stores, it is also important not to forget the closing pages for insurance, services and purchases of services or subscriptions. These sites have different requirements than a headless commerce storefront or an online store in general. Nevertheless, it is also important here that the individual steps can be completed quickly by the customer. Thanks to client side navigation and code splitting, Next.js offers a perfect solution for implementing all types of checkout paths with relatively little effort and yet with a high-quality user experience.

Next.js agency & Consultancy
What we offer for Next.js

We have been working with Next.js since before version 1.0 and have already implemented this framework in countless projects.

Experienced team

Next.js is a standard tool for foobar Agency developers. An experienced team is on hand to support your project.


We have built many projects ourselves and taken over existing ones. We have seen and established best practices and know what is good and what is not. We can identify what is good for your project.

Implementation experience from 10+ projects

We have already supported clients such as porta Möbel, HUK Autoservice and many more in the implementation of their projects. And with success!

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