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Software Engineering

An analogy of JavaScript’s single-threaded asynchronicity

Ever wondered how JavaScript, a single-threaded language, manages to pull off asynchronous tasks? In this blog post, we’ll break down JavaScript’s asynchronicity using a playful analogy. Discover how the 🧵 waitperson seamlessly coordinates with a ⚙️ kitchen, 👩‍🍳 kitchen assistants, and a 🛎 counter to serve your requests while keeping the show running smoothly. Discover the secrets behind steps that can happen in parallel and the importance of not giving the 🧵 waitperson long tasks. Ever wondered why some websites freeze? Find out here! 🤓
Juan Segebre • Sep 2023 • 4 min read • 145 views
Software Engineering

The rise of low-code development platforms

At foobar Agency, we are holistic problem solvers. But wait, problems are not only a negative thing. While decreasing sales, bottlenecks in a conversion funnel, and dysfunctional processes are all examples of negative problems – problems can be positive too. For instance, how can a new business model be successful? How can a new product be successfully brought to the market? Yes, these are also problems that one needs to solve. By being able to address and solve these kinds of problems, the outcome can be incredibly positive.
Matthias Dietrich • Jun 2023 • 8 min read • 104 views
Software Engineering

Using Notion as a Simple Database

This tutorial shows how to build something straightforward in Notion: a database. We will use the Notion API and any form that can submit a POST request.
Angelo Dias • Apr 2023 • 15 min read • 161 views
Software Engineering

HUK-Autoservice & the foobar values

When we started building the HUK-Autoservice application — an online booking tool for reliable and binding auto service appointments, taking advantage of many available partner workshops around Germany — we approached the project not as “code pushers” but as co-creators. This is one of our fundamental understandings of successful projects.
Angelo Dias • Oct 2022 • 7 min read • 366 views
Software Engineering

09/09 - It's bug birthday!! 🪲🪳🐞

With this article, we want to honour the birthday of the first real debugging 🪲 🗑. Therefore our colleague Mansour shares a story of his life as a developer. It is about how he suspected the whole company he worked in systematically stole laptops just because of one tiny bug. But read it for yourself. Enjoy!
Mansour Kalagar • Sep 2022 • 4 min read • 138 views