HUK Autoservice stands out as a unique digital commerce platform where users can easily book appointments for car repairs instead of purchasing products. Operating within the broader HUK Autowelt ecosystem, a lot of attention is given to how the system is built. The backend, which handles things behind the scenes, is quite complex. It needs to communicate with other partner systems seamlessly, which requires careful planning and documentation. Making any changes to how things work can be quite time-consuming, involving many people and leading to uncertainty about who should handle what.

Embracing Decoupling for Enhanced System Operations

Thankfully, foobar Agency together with HUK Autoservice decided for a smart approach. We use a method called "decoupling" that makes it much easier and quicker to maintain the system compared to traditional methods. The front part of the system, where users interact, is designed in a modern and organized way, with different parts able to work independently. The same approach is taken in the backend, where different aspects are handled separately.

The effectiveness was realized when a new team was introduced to the organization and they quickly grasped how things operated and were able to immediately start making improvements without the fear of disrupting what was already functioning.

This is possible because of the careful separation in the system – they can make changes in one part without affecting the others.

Change, in HUK Autoservice’s case, is frictionless because of decoupling.

Streamlining Operations Through Strategic Collaboration

The collaboration between foobar specialists in both the frontend and backend teams, working together with the company's own experts, has led to creating software that's not only easy to manage but also quick to adapt when changes are needed. The idea of decoupling allows each team to focus on their own part without worrying about affecting the rest. This teamwork builds trust and makes the whole process go really smoothly.

And, believe me, as someone that’s working currently in the HUK Autoservice project, we have improvements and changes several times a week, if not days — and that’s a good thing; we are continuously growing with trust in our systems.

Having foobar specialists in both the frontend and backend teams working together with internal employees made the software development process even smoother, as they could join HUK’s and foobar’s technical expertise. The result is a decoupled software, highly maintainable and with effort easily measurable — they can know who needs to do what in which systems to adapt to change.

Decoupling for Flexibility: Elevate Your Software with foobar Agency

If you're thinking about making your software maintenance better, considering decoupling could be a smart move. Here at foobar Agency, we help you through this. Our team of skilled professionals can guide you to make your Digital Commerce Platform more flexible and easier to handle, with increased trust and transparency. We offer a range of support, from giving you expert advice to making important changes happen. Let’s change for the better?