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Harnessing the Power of Large Language Models for Data Integration -  Deep Dive
Data Science

Harnessing the Power of Large Language Models for Data Integration

Join us on a journey into the future of data integration, where large language models (LLMs) hold the key to revolutionizing the process. Discover how LLMs can seamlessly unify diverse data from various sources and formats, enabling more accurate analysis. Explore intriguing experiments showcasing their ability to generate human-like text for integrating disparate datasets. Uncover future considerations and challenges, including flexibility, reliability, and security.
Dominik Thalmeier • Oct 2023 • 6 min read • 124 views
Software Engineering

An analogy of JavaScript’s single-threaded asynchronicity

Ever wondered how JavaScript, a single-threaded language, manages to pull off asynchronous tasks? In this blog post, we’ll break down JavaScript’s asynchronicity using a playful analogy. Discover how the 🧵 waitperson seamlessly coordinates with a ⚙️ kitchen, 👩‍🍳 kitchen assistants, and a 🛎 counter to serve your requests while keeping the show running smoothly. Discover the secrets behind steps that can happen in parallel and the importance of not giving the 🧵 waitperson long tasks. Ever wondered why some websites freeze? Find out here! 🤓
Juan Segebre • Sep 2023 • 4 min read • 145 views
Predictive Analytics and CRM Improve Sales
Business Consulting

Why Predictive Analytics and CRM Improve Sales

Discover in this article the synergy of Predictive Analytics and CRM, where data-driven insights transform customer relationships. Delve into the world of predictive possibilities, from deciphering customer behavior to fortifying brand loyalty. Explore the intersections of data, technology, and human expertise, empowering businesses to predict, personalize, and prosper in the digital age. Read and discover
Michael Munder • Aug 2023 • 13 min read • 131 views
Software Engineering

The rise of low-code development platforms

At foobar Agency, we are holistic problem solvers. But wait, problems are not only a negative thing. While decreasing sales, bottlenecks in a conversion funnel, and dysfunctional processes are all examples of negative problems – problems can be positive too. For instance, how can a new business model be successful? How can a new product be successfully brought to the market? Yes, these are also problems that one needs to solve. By being able to address and solve these kinds of problems, the outcome can be incredibly positive.
Matthias Dietrich • Jun 2023 • 8 min read • 104 views
Data Science

Did my neural network actually learn anything? - or why you shouldn’t rely solely on the MSE (mean squared error)

Machine learning has become more accessible with the help of toolboxes like PyTorch, Keras, and scikit-learn. However, using these tools with caution is important to avoid common pitfalls. In this article, we'll explore some traps to watch out for and how to avoid them.
Dominik Thalmeier • Apr 2023 • 9 min read • 89 views