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AI-Development from first Concept to Production
Turnkey AI Development

Our strength in AI development lies in our diverse team, blending research-driven data scientists with a consultancy mindset and top-tier software engineers focused on production. This unique combination ensures innovative and practical solutions.

The journey to transform your business into a data-driven enterprise begins with workshops where our data scientists collaborate with your team to understand your processes. We then identify opportunities for transformation using data and AI-driven methods. The outcome of this phase is a comprehensive vision, a roadmap, and clear next steps.

The first step is a Proof of Concept (PoC), where we target low-hanging fruits to quickly assess the potential benefits of the most promising ideas in a real-world setting.

The insights gained are immediately integrated into our process. We adopt an iterative, agile development approach, where our data scientists work closely with your team to create a prototype of the data product that delivers measurable benefits.

To ensure these benefits are sustainable and to achieve a production-grade solution, our software engineering and highly skilled DevOps teams ensure that the prototype developed by the data scientists is seamlessly transitioned into production.

At foobar, we are passionate about understanding your business case and developing data-driven solutions to transform your processes!

Adapt with agility: Our AI ensures your pricing stays ahead in a dynamic market

Dynamic Pricing

Your products generate a wealth of data, including sales patterns, inventory levels, and return rates.

By capturing this internal data and integrating it with external market insights, we lay the foundation for optimal, time-varying pricing decisions. Tailored to your business needs, our approach automates and enhances your pricing strategies through data-driven methodologies. AI-based optimization of individual prices not only automates decision-making but also boosts profits and minimizes write-offs.

Enhance you Customer experience with a conversing AI
Conversational AI

The progress that language-based AI made in the recent time was breathtaking. If you did not live under a rock, then you probably already explored ChatGPT. Already in it’s raw form is is astonishing how fluent it can answer seemingly any question at a level which until recent only humans could do.

With the right engineering approach this can be leveraged to massively enhance customer experience by making your product or your website talk.

By integrating your company knowledge base, refining with prompt engineering and anti hallucination measures and if needed switching to self hosted open source models, we iron out the quirks and enable you to use conversational AI in you business.

Don’t search. Ask!

GenAI on All Your Databases

All knowledge at your fingertips. By merging the capabilities of language-based AI with enterprise search technology, we can bring your company's collective knowledge to the right employee, in the right situation, at exactly the right time. This isn't just a vision for the future—it's an achievable reality today. Our Data Scientists, in collaboration with our Enterprise Search experts, customize the latest retrieval-augmented generation technology to fit your unique data landscape. The result? An AI-powered Answer System specifically tailored for your organization.

optimal customer engagement
Hyperpersonalization in CRM and E-Com

A good businessperson knows their customers. The elderly lady is greeted politely with a compliment, while the young neighbor receives a fist bump. New products are recommended, knowing well the needs and taste preferences of different customers. What suits one customer may not suit another at all. All this is based on experience.

Data is the experience of the digital world. And AI enables personalized customer engagement in online commerce. AI technologies like reinforcement learning provide scientifically validated experiential learning for AI. By building data models, AI learns to understand customers and customer types, translating optimal consultation from offline to online commerce.

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