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Next.js Meetup Munich
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Shaping Technologies

At foobar Agency, we don't just leverage cutting-edge technologies; we actively shape them. Our commitment unfolds in various forms: from contributing valuable insights to open-source projects on GitHub to developing our own open-source software, and by hosting enlightening meetups within our spaces.

We're passionate about sharing the spirit of innovation and technology with the community. That's why we frequently open our doors to public events that celebrate the essence of innovation and technological advancement. A standout event in our calendar is the Next.js Meetup Munich, initiated by us, where we regularly welcome experts from the community. These events are a fantastic opportunity for us to share knowledge, network, and collaboratively work towards the future of technology.

Through each of our actions, we aim to be recognized not just as thought leaders in the industry but also as builders of bridges between people and the technology that enriches and advances our daily lives.

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Details About the Meetup

When? 4 times a year (current schedule)

Where? At our office in Munich:

foobar Agency GmbH
Ria-Burkei-Str. 25
81249 München

What? Relevant topics at expert level

How to register? Use the page.

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